From pandemic recovery and digital transformation, to hybrid and remote work arrangements — it’s clear organizations and their leaders are facing a time of unprecedented change and ambiguity. Join us for a conversation about the future of leadership as Jennie Gilbert and Craig Hess from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology discuss the importance of the Six Leadership Intelligences.

The six Leadership Intelligences that organizations and their leaders must develop are:

  • Social Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptability Intelligence
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Psychological Safety Intelligence
  • Digital Intelligence

This one-hour conversation will focus on what each intelligence it, the importance of it, and how you and your organization can level-up your leadership and leadership learning.

Now more than ever, professional development must prepare leaders to adapt and adjust with the times — this requires a whole new set of Leadership Intelligences. 

SAIT Corporate Training – a division of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology helps organizations to upskill and reskill their employees to ensure they are ready for the future of work. This conversation will follow a similar format to SAIT Corporate Training’s Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast conversation series. You’ll leave the conversation thinking about individual and team leadership differently, and with one big idea, two applied strategies and three questions to consider that can help enhance your leadership strategy.


Thursday, May 19, 2022
1 PM – 2:30 PM MDT | CST
2 PM – 3:30 PM CDT

2 CPD per session up to a max of 10 CPD for the week



Jennie Gilbert, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

If you’ve attended a SAIT course with Jennie Gilbert, you’ll have benefitted from an informative, focused, relevant and entertaining development experience. 

Using her solid expertise gained in corporate and non-profit organisations, and business-related academia, Jennie knows that the leaders and managers for today’s and tomorrow’s world need a comprehensive skillset to allow them and their organisations to excel. She delivers a wide range of courses as a SAIT continuing education and corporate training instructor covering essential Leadership Intelligences – Emotional Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Adaptability Intelligence, Psychological Safety Intelligence – as well as real-life, practical techniques in change leadership, time management, performance management, mental toughness and resilience, both for individuals and for teams. 

As well as providing readily understandable learning materials for these key tools, Jennie’s teaching methods will encourage and support you to think beyond the boundaries that life and work often impose, enabling you to succeed, especially in the new and next normal. 

We can all see that the world is changing around us, rapidly and in many ways, and so it’s essential to equip yourself with the mindset and means to adapt in the most effective ways, and to work with others to do so; developing advantage from change rather than being swamped by it. 

Jennie says, “Change has a reputation for being negative and frightening. It doesn’t have to be either. In fact, we all deal with change throughout our lives – changing jobs, moving house, forming relationships and families, as well as change in our business environments. Know that it’s coming, equip yourself to be ready to analyse, manage and use it, and take it all step-by-step.” 

Jennie is a dynamic, compassionate, and progressive professional with a broad and successful corporate, non-profit and educational career spanning two continents, is a busy mum in a family of five, and has a wide range of life experiences that include three treks to Everest Base Camp. 

Her passion is seeing others developing the skills and attitudes that will help to make them equally successful in all aspects of their lives. To do so, Jennie has distilled the essence of her lifelong learning to provide classes that are relatable, fun, and engaging, whilst delivering those core work and life tools. 

“The best part of my job is the people. Plus, no two days are the same. Creativity and innovation are expected, and I don’t have to live by a title or label.”

Craig Hess, Director, Corporate Training, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Craig and his team are passionate about helping organizations upskill and reskill their workforce, to ensure they are ready for the future of work. Skills are the new currency. With skills rapidly changing, and organizations competing to find skilled employees – the time to focus on training and development is now. SAIT Corporate Training can help your organization address your skills and talent needs. 

Host - Glenda Beaulieu, COO, Supply Chain Canada - Alberta Institute

Glenda is no stranger to association management with over 10 years experience leading marketing & membership initiatives – both at a provincial and national level – for retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industry associations. Her strong ability to empathize with members and build collaborative partnerships, combined with her strategic development of key messaging resonates with both online and offline audiences.  

Glenda has also worked for consumer, technology and personal development organizations that provides a unique perspective on how digital transformation can greatly impact the supply and demand of goods and services here in Alberta and throughout the world.  

She is an experienced marketer, skilled in strategy development, brand & event management, negotiation, business planning, sales, social media, and member engagement. Glenda is a strong operations professional who graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology Marketing & Communications Program She currently resides in Gatineau, Quebec with her husband, Pierre, and their two children. 


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