The Supply Chain Leaders’ Council is a facilitated monthly meeting that combines shared learning & best practices, coaching, and invited subject matter experts to advance professional & personal growth.

Join a diverse group of peers who truly understand the unique challenges you face in a trusted and secure space to cover what needs to be covered. Leaders’ Councils are:

  • Completely confidential
  • Support members from all industries in British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan
  • Consist of 8-12 senior leaders from non-competing companies, who all want to see each other SUCCEED
  • Managers and/or Directors of Logistics, Demand Planning, Materials, Purchasing, and/or Inventory
  • Responsible for or strongly influence supply chain management decision making
  • Are driven by experienced facilitators & want access to a diverse selection of resources from across the country

Benefits of Participation

  • Faster access to proven & actionable supply chain strategies & best practices
  • Stronger & diverse networks – a critical characteristic of successful supply chain-led growth
  • Out pace competition by learning from like-minded peers who are thriving despite the current environment
  • SCMP Designates receive 20 CPD credits for annual participation

What does a session look like?

  • Members discuss the good, bad and crazy of their past 4 weeks
  • Guest speaker(s) invited to select meetings
  • Facilitated coaching & development session
  • Hands on learning
  • When feasible, shop visits, themed tours & networkings 

Key Themes

  • Overcome inter-provincial trade barriers
  • Achieve a circular economy
  • Increase inventory velocity
  • Implement lean logistics /supply chain management
  • Improve supplier performance
  • Compress cycle time
  • Regulatory environments 
  • Delivering value efficiently and effectively 
  • Sole Sourcing 


Each council member reviews & approves each applicant’s profile based on level of experience and motivations for success.

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Supply Chain Canada and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters have organized councils that serve different sectors.



James Cleland - Senior Partner, Envision Group

James is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, oil & gas and government.  He has successfully led small businesses and has run divisions for global multi-national companies such as GE.  He excels at building high performance teams and leading businesses through times of transition.  

Based in Calgary, James works with the Envision team to help their clients with strategy, leadership development and capital sourcing.  He was most recently the President of Firemaster Oilfield Services, a leading industrial safety services business operating in Western Canada.  He continues to be involved with Firemaster as a member on their board of directors.   

Starting his career in metal fabrication he oversaw company growth of 40X while he was Vice President and General Manager of All New Manufacturing in Calgary.  As part of the Industry Development team in Alberta Economic Development, he designed and implemented growth strategies that helped the metal fabrication industry expand in the mid-2000’s.  While he was Executive Director of the Alberta Economic Development Authority, he worked with the board’s appointed CEO’s and business leaders to advise on strategy and economic issues to the Premier and Cabinet of Alberta.   

James gained exposure to international markets at General Electric where he was Global General Manager of their Heavy Oil Division, a high growth business unit for GE.  James has an executive MBA from the University of Calgary and served six years on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Alberta Division.    

Brittany Scarrow - Lean Facilitator, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Brittany Scarrow lives and breathes continuous improvement and strategic planning. With a Bachelor of Science (Biology and Microbiology) from the University of Victoria, a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and project management designation, she has successfully implemented continuous improvement programs and coached countless CME members to get the most out of their teams by incorporating best practices. As CME’s Lean Facilitator, Brittany leads the organization’s North and South consortia and has certified countless manufacturing with Yellowbelt and Green Belt designations. Applying more than twelve years of applied continuous improvement, project management, R&D, operations and quality assurance experience, Brittany’s drive and passion helps CME members compete and win. 

Anurag Pandey - Founder and Principal, Lean Symbiosis Inc.

Anurag is a senior leader with over twenty-five years’ experience in improving organizational performance in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Services sectors.

He is currently a freelance management consultant, working with clients to improve operations and to provide strategic advisory services. He has previously worked as a senior leader in Alberta Health Services, where he and his team improved access, reduced costs and improved the quality of care.

He also held leadership roles in the Government of Alberta, and in various companies in Alberta’s private sector, primarily in oil and gas manufacturing and oilfield service companies. To read more, click here



Supply Chain Canada and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters are partnering to bring supply chain professionals together for peertopeer mentoring in the manufacturing sector. This program is exclusive to members of either association. 

Role Summary

The primary role of a Facilitator is to carry forth a smooth and orderly delivery of the assigned program. S/He plays an active role in the organization and delivery of monthly meetings. Both organizations must approve of the Facilitator. 

The Facilitator is responsible for creating and maintaining an open and sharing environment based on mutual respect and trust of all participants. They will guide and stimulate meaningful discussions on topical issues identified by the member peer group. These discussions are confidential, and the Facilitator will reinforce to participants the need to protect Confidential Information and specific business competitive information. The Facilitator also plays a supporting role in recruiting members to join the monthly meetings.

The Facilitator will work closely with the association(s) in the continuous improvement and expansion of the Services. The Facilitator’s feedback will help support the development of policies, new programs, and events identified as value to our members. 

Contact us

Supply Chain Canada

Amber Davies
Program Coordinator, Leaders’ Councils


What is a peer group?

It’s simply a group of like-minded people who understand what it’s like to be a business leader. The group shares its experiences and helps individual members develop their business in an open and trusted environment.

How do I join a peer group?

There are two ways to join a council:

Is there a fee to join?

Per Participant Yearly Fee Time Commitment
Annual Council Participation $1,800
Minimum 4 hours per month – 10 times a year
  1. Applicable provincial taxes will be applied at time of payment.
  2. Payment is required in advance of participation.
  3. Charges apply whether or not the member attends each meeting.
  4. If cancellation notice is given prior to the third meeting, a refund less meetings attended, will be provided.
  5. If cancellation notice is given after the third meeting, three (3) month written notice to Supply Chain Canada, AB Institute is required to withdraw or to transfer to another employee within your organization. No refund will be given.

Where do our peer groups take place?

Groups will meet virtually. When it is safe to do so, each member of the group will take a turn each month to host a meeting.

Who will be in my group?

All of our peer groups are made up of business leaders, local to each other from non-competing businesses. All our members want to grow their business whilst also continuing to focus on their personal life.

Members will review each other’s application to determine fit and approve any new members. Member profiles must be completed during the application process to be shared with the group.