How to Boldly Puruse Applied Machine Learning Even if You’re Excited and Scared 

February 13, 2021

I am days away from commencing 
my journey on learning about Applied Machine Learning (AML). First of its kind in Canada, I am enrolled in the AML course with Supply Chain Canada. Applied Machine Learning is on the forefront of changing and giving supply chains a competitive edge on daily practices and decisions. 

What is Applied Machine Learning? 

A subset of artificial intelligence, AML allows the system (via algorithms or software) to learn and adapt without being specifically programed to do so. In short, the system will analyze trends, look for unique events and predict outcomes within the data. 

The possibilities for the use of machine learning in supply chain is unlimited. Think of the challenges we face daily with our supply chains, whether its poor resource planning, increasing material & transportation costs, inefficient supplier relations, quality, safety, etc. We all face these opportunities every day.  

Technology continues to take on an even more important role in business and society. The Covid pandemic showcased how quickly technology was utilized to assisting many businesses adjust their work force to working from home.  

Course Outline: 

  1. Course Orientation 
  1. Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning 
  1. Module 2: Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement 
  1. Module 3: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision 
  1. Module 4: Business Project 
  1. Certification Awards Ceremony 

I profess I am not a programmer or in some cases technological confident. I still have my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone meeting my needs….lol. I do believe that technology will continue to evolve and showcase the many benefits to society and business. 

Over the next several months, from the course orientation to receiving my certification, I will share with you my experience, thoughts and feelings (good or bad) while I learn and apply machine learning to a practical challenge. With a roster of outstanding experts and practitioners, I will be in good hands as they assist in building my confidence on machine learning as well as guide me through an implementation of a real use work situation.   

SCC headshots Peter Supply Chain Canada


Peter Buscemi brings energy in his role with Manitoba Hydro’s Supply Chain Management Strategic Sourcing group.

With over 25 years of business experience specializing in supply chain management, Peter has worked in a number of industries including Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Distribution & Warehousing, Technology and Aerospace.

His past directorships include serving on Supply Chain Management Association’s (SCMA) Board of Directors along with local contributions with Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and YES Winnipeg.

Peter holds a Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation and in 2015, he received the Fellow Award from the Supply Chain Management Association for his career achievements, contribution to the association and service to the community. It is the highest honour bestowed by SCMA.

Peter is actively involved in the community supporting the Kidney Foundation as a Board member. During his downtime, he enjoys cooking, gardening and time with his family.

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