Building Momentum… Choo Choo!!

March 26, 2021 


As part of the Machine Learning course, an hour long one on one session with our facilitator Jaspreet (Jazz) Gill is offered after each module. She is a Data Scientist with BrainToy who is teaching us the ins and outs (theory) of machine learning including the operating system (MLOS).


Along with many of my co-participants, we are taking advantage of the one on one sessions so we can continue to understand the operating system. At this point of the course, I believe this is where I am the least confident.


My sessions usually go past the one-hour mark with Jazz, with the most recent one going close to two hours. She patiently answers my questions, guides me with the data cleansing and building the models along with eventually deploying the model so that I can perform some analysis with the outcomes. During the sessions, she gives tips and suggestions that not only provides us the repetition of the machine learning steps but provides tips such as when to remove data (ex. a column with more than 50% data missing – just delete the column) during the cleansing step.


My confidence using MLOS is increasing especially the days after my session with Jazz when I can deploy a model so that I can complete a comparison of two models to complete my assignment. This is a milestone for me as I am able to apply what I have learned in class or in one of my sessions. Then again, there are times when I get stopped in my tracks because I have missed a step, or the deployed model is not working. This is where I re-read the presentation, my notes or follow up with Avery the bot.


At times, I have in my mind that I am the little engine that could….Choo Choo! Little by little I am building momentum in understanding machine learning.


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Peter Buscemi brings energy in his role with Manitoba Hydro’s Supply Chain Management Strategic Sourcing group.

With over 25 years of business experience specializing in supply chain management, Peter has worked in a number of industries including Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Distribution & Warehousing, Technology and Aerospace.

His past directorships include serving on Supply Chain Management Association’s (SCMA) Board of Directors along with local contributions with Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and YES Winnipeg.

Peter holds a Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation and in 2015, he received the Fellow Award from the Supply Chain Management Association for his career achievements, contribution to the association and service to the community. It is the highest honour bestowed by SCMA.

Peter is actively involved in the community supporting the Kidney Foundation as a Board member. During his downtime, he enjoys cooking, gardening and time with his family.

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